Real estate Assessment

In addition to its core business, brokerage in buying and selling of immovable property, “Menadzer stan” is also engaged in real estate assessment.

Assessment of the property market value includes an overview of the real estate, reviewing ownership documentation, photographing of the real estate that is subject to an assessment, creating the Real estate Assessment Report.
In order to objectively determine the value of the property, we are taking into account the location of the subject property, infrastructure, property condition, construction quality, facility and location potentials, year of construction, amortization, as well as the situation on the real estate market - the ratio of supply and demand. Especially, we are taking into consideration the specifics of the market and customer habits, so we are reviewing: the floor, functionality, environmental protection, energy efficiency, materials used in the construction, orientation and conditions of sale. Very important impact on the market price of real estate may have construction and real estate ownership documentation.

For Real estate Assessment we use all three assessment methods: Sales Comparison Approach, Cost Approach, Income Capitalization Approach. We have access to the moving prices related databases in the property market followed by state institutions, twenty-five-year-old experience in the real estate market and adequate IT support.